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How 20 Minutes Of Meditation A Day Helped Me Deal With My Anxiety

Like most people with a brain and a pulse, my life can feel pretty stressful. We may be lying to ourselves about how busy we really are, but the stress we feel from our always-on lives is real. And while "mindfulness" has become more of a cliché than a real call to action in the business world, the core message to quiet your mind and focus on the present sounds like the perfect solution for a more productive workday.
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What The Hype Behind Embracing Failure Is Really All About

It seems like everywhere we turn we’re being told to “embrace failure.”. From social media to countless business books and articles and the global failure conference FailCon, the importance of mistakes is lauded as a key stepping-stone for success. Even advertisers are realizing the power of bragging about getting it wrong.
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What The Leaders Who Get It Right Know About Marketing To Women

From telling women they’re too fat to fit into their yoga pants to equating women’s body hair with “dudeness,” there have been some pretty misguided messages sent to women recently. How can the leaders of companies with so many women customers be so out of touch with how to market to them? Is there a secret formula for striking the right note with female customers?
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What Happened When I Woke Up Two Hours Earlier For A Week

Last week I challenged readers, and myself, to wake up what they considered to be “insanely early”--a time earlier than when they would normally wake up, whether it be 6:30 a.m. or 4:30 a.m. The idea is that having a time in the day where there is no pressure and no expectations from other people would result in better focus and more creative thinking.
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Debunking The Myth That Jerk Bosses Get Results

Over the years we’ve seen some shining examples of notorious brutes pretty much killing it. From examining their managerial style and their success, one might correlate the two and conclude that being a jerk is the best way to get stuff done. The likes of Gordon Ramsay and Steve Jobs built their empires by bullying their employees.
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This Is What Virtually Every Woman You Admire Thinks About Working Mothers

At the White House Summit on Working Families this past June, the first ever national summit of its kind, a number of influential women, and some pretty important men, too, got together to talk about how working families can succeed today. Setting the tone for the Summit, President Barack Obama penned a blog for the Huffington Post in which he wrote, “Family leave, childcare, flexibility and a decent wage aren’t frills.
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The Unusual Habits Of 8 Famous Creative Minds

There is no secret formula for innovation, and a lot of great minds arrive at their creativity in many different ways. Though we’d all like to crack the code for reaching our creative breakthrough, it’s likely that emulating the habits prescribed by one famous person or another won’t be the cure-all to your stagnated creativity.
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Here's Why No One Gets Your Sarcastic Emails

Before you hit send on that email you just drafted, consider this first: you are probably not coming off as witty or sarcastic as you think you are. Studies from almost a decade ago have proven that without the body language cues that exist in face-to-face communication, emails are not as effective at conveying tone and emotion.
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I Got Fat-Shamed on My Morning Commute

When I got on the Path Train this morning, I saw -- miracle of miracles -- an empty seat between two riders. Naturally, since there was no one else competing for the seat, I went to take it. I sat down as I usually do when it's a middle seat: I positioned my butt on the edge of the seat and gingerly slid back as far as I could without infringing too much on the space of the riders beside me, keeping my legs locked and my shoulders squeezed in as close as possible.
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What Is The Best Country In The World To Work?

If you were to make a list of all the things you consider when taking a job, what would be on there? Would you include maternity leave policies, amount of vacation days, or average pay rates? Every person is different when it comes to what they value in a job, so there really is no definitive way to say what is the best work environment.
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How The Most Successful Brands Dominate Instagram, And You Can Too

More than 16 billion photos have been shared on Instagram. With an average of 55 million uploaded each day, that's a lot of selfies. But it also means a lot of money for brands who figure out how to use the fast-growing social network. According to a recent report released by research firm L2 Instagram touts the most engagement and the highest conversion from browser to shopper.
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Arianna Huffington On The Struggle To Find Work-Life Balance

Arianna Huffington believes we are living in a brave new world--today's work environment is somewhere between the dark ages and the renaissance. The dark ages, she says, include environments and a culture fueled by stress, but she maintains that in order for businesses and individuals to thrive we must transition to a "renaissance" time of mindful living and working.
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